All Play and No Fighting Make Joe Go Crazy

And no one wants me to go crazy right? Not you… not me… not anyone. So it’s time to get back into the octagon. I was predicting January for a while now and thats exactly when it’s happening.

I am fighting Sam Stout January 2 at UFC108. It’s in Vegas so it looks like we will be spending New Years there. I am sure I will have a REAL tough time convincing everyone to come out for this one. “Let’s spend New Years in Vegas! And uh… I am fighting too.”


Sam is very tough and has a great standup game. His wrestling and ground game jumps with every fight and he always puts on a show. Sam was supposed to fight TUF Season 8 Finalist Phillipe Nover a couple weeks ago but Nover had medical issues just before the fight. Stout is already in fight shape and ready to go so he will have a lot of time to fine tune and prepare for this fight.

I am coming off ACL Surgery in March but have been cleared to fight and cannot wait to get back in there. My rehab moved along way ahead of schedule and I am back to training 100%.

This will be an exciting fight for sure… and the whole card should be amazing. The UFC always puts out star packed New Years cards so I am eagerly waiting to see who else is fighting that night.

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