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Joe Pomfret – Head Trainer / The Man


“Stand on the shoulders of giants”

Joe has been my trainer since day one. I can’t ever thank Joe enough for the foundation of everything I do in training. When everyone else was being protective and wanted you to only train with them, Joe was the guy telling us to go to other places and learn as much as we could because its always good to learn from as many sources as possible. I was that little 17 year old kid that didn’t want to do anything his way but he never gave up on me and stuck it out. After about the 15th move that I “discovered” and loved that I later realized he had been trying to teach me all along, I realized I should start listening more closely and stop changing things. Truth be told, Joe has kind of been like a second dad to me and has always been there for me whenever I had a difficult decision to make.


Hollywood Steve Maze – Boxing Coach


“What you see when two men fight is more a test of will than a test of skills. The man with the stronger will will always win, provided the other man’s skill isn’t so great that his will isn’t tested.”

When I knew I was going to be doing the WFL 8 man Tournament, I wanted to make sure I had someone that was really good at wrapping hands. In a tournament setting, there are few things worse than winning your fight and then not being able to continue because you jacked your hand up.Joe Pomfret had worked out with Eddie Bishop at Bishops Boxing previously and we figured that was the best place to find someone that really knew how to wrap hands. We went in and talked to Eddie and he told us all about Steve and how he was the best at wrapping hands. Steve wrapped my hands that night for the tournament and I will never fight without him.

After I won the WFL tournament, I got a call to fight Jens Pulver in the UFC. If we were going to be fighting a southpaw boxer, we wanted to work out with boxers so we knew what to expect. I immediately called Steve and we started a 12 week camp working out 6 days a week doing boxing and strength and conditioning. Steve was a great addition to the team and was the main reason we were able to knock out Jens Pulver in my UFC debut.

Steve Baccari – Injury Prevention and Director of Motivational Quotes


“When brute force doesn’t work, you just arent using enough.”

While I was training with Steve Maze for the fight with Jens Pulver, it seemed like he pulled some different strength and conditioning routines out of the air. I was amazed at how good some of the things we were doing were. I assumed he was coming up with things on his own or just looking for ways to make me tired. Then one day he introduces me to another Steve, Steve Baccari. Steve Baccari is a maniac when it comes to learning about strength and conditioning and has a ton of experience in traning fighters and seeing what works best for combat athletes. Immediately, everything made sense. Baccari and Maze had worked with fighters together in the past and I was doing some of the same routines they had done.As time went on, Maze got Baccari more involved and it got to the point where I was working with Baccari pretty exclusively on the strength and conditioning side of things. In only a few short months I noticed a drastic increase in both strength and conditioning.

Kyle Holland– Strength and Conditioning


“So how was your weekend?”

I started working out with Kyle in the Spring of 2010. I was coming off a loss after a long lay off from ACL surgery. My strength and conditioning weren’t where they had been previously and working out with Kyle at MBSC was the answer.

Strength and Conditioning for me had 3 main goals: keep my healthy, allow me to push as hard as I can for the length of the fight and to be as strong as possible for that length of time. I really liked working out with Kyle because he understood that my work with him was to keep me ready for sparring, boxing, wrestling and grappling. My success wouldn’t be measured by my performance in the training room but by what I was able to do come fight time. We hit it off right away and have had a good thing going.

I can’t recommend Kyle enough to anyone looking to take their S&C to the next level. If you want to do the same kind of workouts I am doing, with the same guy I work out with, shoot Kyle an email and get to it.